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two years since……

March 4th, 2015

a couple of days ago, i observed one of those “anniversaries.” you know, the “life-altering” ones. i’ve had a few. they caused things like scrap bar and goodbye blue monday to happen. i’m writing a book about it. it was two years ago in the holding cell behind the brooklyn criminal courts building, my head […]

  that universe was the cranium (mine – the one that was shattered on january 22nd, 1962 by a 1953 chevy) that bore it in 1984 and has been whirring, clicking and sizzling ever since. the store, which hasn’t been mine for some years now, is closing sunday, november 30th and this website will spring […]

in good company….

May 7th, 2014

the little junk store that could was mentioned in a story about where to find the next big thing. that’s what Goodbye Blue Monday was ten years ago, before it sold coffee, beer and had live performance. but we digress…. OK, Qantas airlines targets a demographic about 13,000 miles away, bit still…. i’ve flown there […]

posting this on january 22nd in some odd way, makes perfect sense. you see, i was run over by a car 51 years ago on this date. i was supposed to either be dead, a vegetable or paralyzed from the neck down (i guess this covers about everything). just by chance, the first black U.S.neurosurgeon […]

sometimes, we attach importance to a moment – as it happens – and it becomes the thread we associate with the coming days and weeks and maybe the unfolding history of the world (or part of it) as it moves forward. thus, the title of this note. last sunday – i think it was then […]

for weeks, i’ve been sitting before the computer screen unable to speak. i wander over to facebook where i rail against the convenient stupidity christian conservative republicans and their racist hatespeak spew, making my reactionary replies make me feel like i’m doing something with my graymatter, giving me a sense of purpose. “look at me! […]

this note; the result of a lounge chair on a runway, wrestling shoes and maxx. my morning was spent in a gray shroud. i will explain; it engulfed my car and stretched ahead of it onto the BQE, belt parkway and onto the verrazano bridge; across the staten island expressway to the new jersey turnpike, […]

three years ago was the last time i caught one. it’s not that they haven’t been here, but i hadn’t reached out for this manner of celestial assistance, sub-atomic aid, bosonoid beatification…. funny how similar things can be, earth and sky…from small and delicate to galactic and beyond measurement. (not to mention, what a treat […]

last night, in anticipation of the 99-degree temperatures forecast for today, i bought a big bag of “popcorn, indiana” butter-flavored popcorn, flavored with real butter….. …that might or might not be micro-wave-warmable in its bag. they’re touting such info on their website but i see no evidence on the bag. i was going to watch […]

i had a long talk with my friend a night or two ago. i sat in my car as the engine idled and the a/c churned coolness on maxx’s thick coat while we spoke about everything we hadn’t spoken about in months. she and i go back about thirty years. we had been involved, uninvolved, […]

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